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Agnes Herrmann

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Agnes Herrmann

Once, after the second take of a recording session, a producer asked Agnes Herrmann if she could make her character sound slightly older-- about six months or so. She did. After take three, he asked for the same thing, but a bit more commanding. No problem. For take five, he wondered if the voice quality should be a tad more... mystical. "You mean, like God?" she asked. "Yeah, yeah!" he replied. "That’s what I mean."

From singing pigs, to CEOs, to harried moms, Agnes Herrmann specializes in giving producers and clients exactly what they want. This one-woman repertory company has used her talents to promote Astra Zeneca, Perdue, and Olympus. Some of her national spots include Thompson's Water Seal and TWA.

Agnes has an extensive background in musical comedy and theater that has led to: Richard Scarry's children's videos, Sony's "The Beginner's Bible," and audio books which include "Live From New York," "Bitter Feast," and "Twilght." Agnes has also performed radio drama for the Ring Lardner Playhouse, and voiced interview segments for "60 Minutes II."

"I love the challenge of having to come up with a character on the spur of the moment," she says. "That's what makes this business so much fun."

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