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Contact Information:

Jerry McClellan
ProVoice ONE
Phone: 706 654-9044
Fax: 706 658-2355
ISDN #'s: 706 654-1485 & 706 654-2105
Email: jerrymcclellan@alltel.net
Website: www.provoiceone.com

Jerry McClellan

   Jerry is a seasoned commercial, promotional, narration and audio books voiceover performer.

   Working in both the broadcast and free-lance voice field, Jerry is well experienced in the studio and client/producer environment. His versatile mid-range voice style ranges from the mature communicator, to the casual voicer everybody loves to hear. He can also turn in an on-camera role that will enhance any project.

   Whether your next session is commercial, promotional imaging, narration, audio books or even voice characterizations, you can count on Jerry to deliver a fast turn-around world-class performance!

   Production is recorded in Jerry’s in-house state-of-the-art ProVoice ONE studio. Broadcast quality master production is shipped CD, uploaded via Mp3, FTP or the Fast Channel Network, or delivered instantly through ISDN to anywhere on the planet!”

Arlene Wilson Management

404 876-8555
Marketing Mania
Kevin Russell
239 282-8488
Speakeasy Productions, Baltimore and CommercialVoices.com, Canada

You may also contact Jerry through ProVoice ONE at 706 654-9044
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