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Joshua Popenoe

Joshua Popenoe grew up in the US, Asia, and Europe, absorbing a world of color and sound that gives him a tremendously vibrant palette of voices from the weird, wild, and wacky, to the smooth, subtle, and sublime. Foreign accents a specialty!

Originally a musician, he also creates solo a capella commercials made completely of text, weaving multiple vocal parts into compositions that both entertain the listener musically and deliver the sponsor's message in a unique and memorable way. In addition, he writes, directs, produces, and performs comedy radio spots, and has been a finalist in the London International Advertising Awards.

Having lived as an adult in Japan, Joshua speaks Japanese and currently co-hosts a TV program about Broadway Theater for the Japanese market, in Japanese of course.

Demo Audio Files
Commercial - MP3 Commercial - Real Audio
Characters - MP3 Characters - Real Audio
Nat'l Society of Broadcasters/Japan - MP3 Nat'l Society of Broadcasters/Japan - Real Audio
Canon/Japan- MP3 Canon/Japan - Real Audio

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