Fabulous Voices from NYC

Thos can be reached at:
917-903-9837 or 610-515-1937
Email: thosjazz@mindspring.com

Agent: Abrams Artists Agency
J.J. Adler
275 Seventh Ave., 25th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Tel: (646) 486-6400
Fax: (646) 486-0100
E-Mail: jj.adler@abramsart.com

Thos Shipley

Thos Shipley is an award winning jazz vocalist as well as a unique voice over talent. From GE and 1-800-Collect to Zone 1511 in Southeast Asia he has done both the vocal and voice-over work on ads world wide.

Thos brings sincerity to the copy with his warm, musical voice that draws the listener in and keeps them there.

Demo Audio Files
Commercial - MP3 Commercial - Real Audio
GE - MP3 GE - Real Audio

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